Introduction to Power BI

Learn the basic concepts of Power BI and the features offered by the application in terms of report creation and content sharing.
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Course outline

Make sure you have access to Power BI to take this training.

Duration : 1 day

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In today’s world, data analysis becomes extremely important when it comes time to make the right decisions. Interpreting data is therefore essential, which Microsoft’s Power BI enables you to do by organizing and visualizing it.


Anyone wanting to acquire the skills needed to become thoroughly comfortable handling data with Power BI.


Sound knowledge of Excel


  • Learn about Power BI software
  • Distinguish between various types of data
  • Identify the differences between a report and a dashboard
  • Import data into Power BI
  • Write formulas using the DAX language
  • Share a report or dashboard

Teaching method

Example- and demonstration–based instruction


Section 1: About data analysis

  • Overview of data analysis
  • Roles and responsibilities in the chain of analysis
  • Tasks of a data analyst
Section 2: Starting to build with Power BI
  • Using Power BI
  • Power BI’s various components
  • Getting acquainted with and using the Power BI service
Section 3: Getting data in Power BI
  • Getting data from files
  • Getting data from databases
  • Getting data from online services
  • Understanding the constraints for data connections
  • Selecting a storage mode
Section 4: Adapting the data model with DAX
  • About the DAX language
  • Using the CACULATE function
  • Using relationships effectively
  • Adding measures to the data model
Section 5: Creating reports in Power BI
  • Using visualizations in your reports
  • Adding visualization elements to reports
  • Choosing an effective visualization
  • Formatting and customizing visualizations
Section 6: Creating dashboards in Power BI
  • Creating dashboards
  • Setting up data alerts
  • Exploring data by asking questions (Q&A)
  • Adding a dashboard theme
  • Pinning a report to a dashboard
Section 7: Creating workspaces in Power BI
  • Sharing a report or dashboard
  • Integrating a report in Teams
  • Monitoring usage and performance

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Frédéric Paradis
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Claude Marson
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