Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps

Discover the world of PowerApps and create applications from A to Z. Learn about graphics, language, and integrate other Microsoft technologies.
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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Duration : 2 days

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This course is for super users who want to learn how to and publish applications through Power Apps.


There is no prerequisite for this training, but an understanding of Office 365 applications is an asset.


Position the different components of the Power Apps ecosystem and understand how they interact with each other;
Understand and use the functionalities of the different applications;
Connect Power Apps to different data sources;
Use Power Apps Studio
Create canvas-type applications;
Use the Common Data Service as a data source;
Design the application interfaces;
Add formulas to enhance the functionality of the application;
Share an application;
Manage an application;
Optimize applications created with Power Apps

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Facilitated and individual exercises


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps
  • Introduction to Power Apps
    • What is a business application?
    • Presentation of Microsoft Power Apps;
    • Benefits of Power Apps;
    • Usage scenarios;
    • How to work with Power Apps?
    • Types of application
  • Components of the Power Apps system;
    • The Power Apps portal;
    • Power Apps Studio;
    • The Power Apps administration center;
    • Mobile application;
    • Common Data Service (CDS);
    • Connectors;
  • Positioning of Power Apps;
    • Power Apps and Microsoft 365;
    • Power Apps and Power Platform;
    • Power Apps and Dynamics 365;
  • Microsoft Power Apps licenses;
  • Sources of documentation
  • Chapter 2 - Creating Canvas Applications
  • Create a canvas application from a template
  • Create a canvas application from data
    • Create an application from CDS
    • Create an application from Excel
  • Edit a canvas application
  • Create a canvas app from scratch
  • Common scenarios
    • Connect to data
    • Design the interface
    • Configure features
    • Application settings
    • Share
    • Manage the solutions
  • Chapter 3 – Power Apps Studio
  • The Power Apps Studio interface
    • Home menu
    • Insert menu
    • Display menu
    • Action menu
  • The graphic components of an application
    • Screens
    • Galleries (Table of elements)
    • Forms
    • Controls
    • Graphic element
    • Multimedia element
  • Chapter 4 – Power Apps formulas
  • Overview of Power Apps plans
  • Types of data
    • The operators
    • The variables
  • Behavior formulas
  • Handling of collections
Chapter 5 - Common Data Service for applications
  • Create and use entities
  • Ingest data
  • Create and use entity relationships
  • Create and use option groups
  • Apply business logic
  • Create and use Dataflows
  • Data gateway
Chapter 6 - Integrating Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI with SharePoint
  • Business scenario
  • Adequate use of different technologies
  • Customize a SharePoint form with Power Apps
Chapter 7 - Optimization and problem solving
  • Optimization of an application
    • Problems solving
Chapter 8 – Power Apps Administration
  • Environment management
    • Data strategies
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