Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps

Discover the world of PowerApps and create applications from A to Z. Learn about graphics, language, and integrate other Microsoft technologies.
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Course outline

Duration : 2 days

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Even if you have no development knowledge, it is now possible to create professional customized applications (or “apps”) using Power Apps. This training will show you how to connect to data sources, create apps, and design a user interface for your organization.


This training is for super users who want to learn how to create apps using Power Apps.


There are no prerequisites for this course, although knowledge of the Office 365 environment and its applications would be an asset.


  • Learn about Power Platform’s history and positioning;
  • Understand environment management;
  • See the potential for creating apps with Power Apps;
  • Understand how to use the different modules;
  • Save app data;
  • Use Microsoft Dataverse;
  • Use Power Platform solutions;
  • Build a model-driven app;
  • Add a canvas app;
  • Use components to create advanced interfaces;
  • Use formulas;
  • Make apps available to others;
  • Create portal-style apps;
  • Extend functionality with AI Builder;
  • Keep control over your apps;
  • Troubleshoot your apps.

Teaching method

Example- and demonstration-based instruction with directed exercises.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps

  • Learn about Power Apps
  • Understand Power Apps components
  • Identify Power App technologies
  • Understand different ways to create apps with Power Apps
  • Understand Power Apps environments
  • Understand connections to data sources
  • Identify different licences
Chapter 2: Data sources
  • Learn about different data storage options
  • Understand pros and cons of SharePoint Online
  • Understand pros and cons of Microsoft Dataverse
  • Understand ins and outs of Power Apps data connections
  • Identify when to use an on-premises data gateway
  • Use data loss prevention strategies
Chapter 3: Microsoft Dataverse
  • Learn about Microsoft Dataverse
  • Learn about Common Data Model
  • Use customized tables
  • Understand how to use relationships
  • Create business rules
  • Import data into Microsoft Dataverse
  • Understand how to manage security roles
  • Manage users and privileges
  • Create a custom role
  • Verify user roles
Chapter 4: Solutions for managing your Power Apps apps
  • Learn about how Power Platform solutions work
  • Understand solution lifecycle
  • Learn about how to manage solution delivery
  • Implement naming conventions
  • Document and test your solutions
Chapter 5: Creating a model-driven app
  • Identify Power Apps components for model-driven apps
  • Design a Power Apps model-driven app
  • Control security when sharing the app
  • Incorporate business process flows
  • Use forms
  • Add screen elements to your apps
  • Configure data views
  • Use dashboards and charts
Chapter 6: Creating a canvas app
  • Explore screens and commands in Power Apps
  • Design a canvas app in Power Apps
  • Use variables in Power Apps
  • Use functions in Power Apps
  • Use collections to manage your local data
  • Use components and component libraries
  • Design navigation in your app
  • Use themes to standardize how your apps look and feel
  • Understand how to manage images and multimedia
  • Learn how to build a responsive app
  • Set up app offline management
  • Manage app versions in Power Apps
  • Share apps in Power Apps
  • Improve app performance
  • Learn about Power Apps component framework
Chapter 7: Creating a portal app
  • Understand portal components
  • Set up portal security
  • Discover portal extension opportunities
  • Identify templates and their features
  • Manage portal pages and navigation
  • Integrate data views from Dataverse
  • Add forms to portal
  • Apply a theme to your portal
Chapter 8: Building AI into your apps
  • Get started with AI Builder
  • Discover available models in AI Builder
  • Understand why you need to train your model
  • Choose the right AI features
  • Learn about model lifecycles and versions
  • Share your AI models
Chapter 9: Administering Power Apps services
  • Discover Power Platform admin center
  • Analyze Power Apps apps usage
  • Discover classic Power Apps administration
  • Optimize app performance
  • Solve problems

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Marc Maisonneuve
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Frédéric Paradis
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Claude Marson
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