Facilitating distance learning

Familiarize yourself with distance learning facilitation techniques.
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  • Duration: 6 days
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Course outline

Duration : 6 x half-days (3.5 hours) spread over 3 weeks + 2 hours of individual coaching

Effective trainers know how to connect with participants in order to guide them in their learning. Training people remotely can be a challenge as it is more difficult to remain interesting and relevant while engaging participants who are often not used to remote learning. In this course, you will acquire tips and tools to boost interaction, collect feedback and fully engage your participants throughout your training session.


Trainers and training consultants with experience in facilitating and designing in class training



Learn to master the key elements of remote facilitation: environment, tools, pace and interaction


Module 1 : The posture and the competencies of the virtual trainer
  • Discover the essential qualities of the virtual trainer
  • Identify the similarities and the differences between the in-class trainer and the remote trainer
  • Define how to distinguish yourself and offer an impacftul training session
Module 2 : The winning conditions of a virtual class
  • Choose the right equipment to facilitate a virtual class efficiently
  • Organize your facilitation space
  • Create an environment conducive to distance learning
  • Guide participants so they can develop good remote learner habits
Module 3 : The broadcasting platforms and distance learning tools
  • Compare broadcasting platforms like Teams, Zoom, WebEx and Adobe Connect
  • View the screens of virtual class learners to validate technical learning
  • Define a learning strategy aligned with the training objectives and the available tools in the broadcasting platform
Module 4 : The design of a virtual learning activity
  • Captivate and maintain the attention of virtual learners
  • Pace the flow of a virtual training session correctly
  • Use feedback effectively
  • Convert an in-class training into a virtual training session
  • Design learning activities to foster interaction and participation
Modules 5 and 6 : The facilitation of a virtual class (theory and practice)
  • Facilitate a learning activity using Zoom
  • Receive feedback on your facilitation
  • Prevent and solve technical issues during your training session
  • Assess your current competencies and define an action plan
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