Executive Leadership Program

Percutant et innovateur, un camp d’entrainement en leadership pour maximiser votre performance et celle de votre équipe et propulser votre organisation

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • Regular price: $7,000

Course outline

Duration : 14 sessions lasting 1h30 spread over a duration between 9 and 12 months to promote learning and the gradual integration of best practices into your daily management.

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Recognized by its reputed clientele, the Executive Leadership Program includes a practical and accessible toolkit filled with examples and scenarios as well as practice books for each module.

Based on our powerful Model of the Effective and Inspiring Leader©, the course will allow you to understand the purpose and importance of the three roles of a leader (leader, manager, coach), and to master the essential tools of each role as well as the communication tools.

During the program, you will put these essential tools into practice, work on the issues you are currently facing with your coach and colleagues and share your successes.


Managers of managers and experienced leaders wishing to:

  • Maximize their leadership, coaching and management skills
  • Generate more impact and develop their potential
  • Pushing their performance further in terms of results and teams

For example, if you are:

  • A Manager who has been in the position for a few years looking for practical tools to better structure your management approach (both in terms of organization and operations as well as human resources) to become more efficient and productive in achieving results and acting as a coach with your teams.
  • A Manager integrating a new management position, wishing to acquire a solid foundation in management to succeed in this position and wishing to learn the essential tools to exercise a leadership role by adopting behaviours conducive to the emergence of your leadership.
  • A Manager considered to be the next generation of leaders or with high potential for senior positions and wishing to develop your management skills and acquire the essential skills and tools to be an effective leader, take on new challenges and develop your coaching posture to empower, support, and mobilize your team.
  • A Manager, Senior Executive, Leader, or Entrepreneur wishing to achieve a higher level of mastery of your leadership, management and coaching skills, the program is ideal for Senior Leaders wishing to reach the next level of performance.


What are the criteria for admitting participants?

Knowing that the success of the Executive Leadership Program depends on the synergy of the group and the resonance of the business issues, we have set up a process for selecting participants.

The selection of participants is mainly based on specific requirements, such as their knowledge, experiences, and the business issues they experience daily to maximize the contribution of each person to the group.

A member of our admissions committee will conduct an interview with you to validate motivation, stakes, and winning conditions of the participant before validating the registration process.


The benefits are numerous for the organization, the teams and the leadership roles.

At the end of this program, as a participant, you will be able to:

  • Take ownership of your role as leader/manager/coach and effectively exercise your influence.
  • Increase your efficiency, productivity, and performance.
  • Be more focused, clear, and effective towards achieving results.
  • Efficiently manage your priorities and those of your teams (planning and management skills).
  • Use concrete tools to provide effective and inspiring leadership.
  • Act on the mobilization and motivation of your team.
  • Stimulate employee’s attraction and retention through increased job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Communicate in a clear and mobilizing way.
  • Take appropriate action to coach, develop, and empower your teams towards achieving results.

Teaching method

The program, designed as a dynamic training camp and led by a highly experienced executive coach in a small group of 6 to 9 participants, includes:

  • All the materials: The Effective and Inspiring Leader Model©, a self-assessment based on the model, a practical toolkit filled with examples and scenarios as well as an implementation workbook.

14 group sessions:

  • 1 introductory session to understand how the program works, the learning tools and expectations.
  • 12 group coaching and co-development sessions of 1.5 hours every 3 weeks via remote virtual sessions.
    The sessions are recorded and will be available in the event of an absence.
  • 1 follow-up session 3 months after the end of the program.
  • “360 type” feedback from the team based on the skills of the NOVO LEADER model.
  • 3 individual coaching sessions with an experienced executive coach including a debriefing session for the Nova Personality and Motivation Profile and feedback from the team. (Additional sessions available as needed by agreement)
  • A peer group to share your knowledge.
  • The 3 months following the end of the main program (between sessions #12 and #13), weekly communications serving as reminders to put the tools into practice.
Educational materials

As a participant in this program, you will have access to all these materials: the Model of an Effective and Inspiring Leader©, a self-assessment based on the model and a “360 type” feedback, a practical toolkit filled with examples and scenarios as well as an implementation workbook.

Surround yourself with the best

Marie-Hélène Demers
Marie-Hélène Demers
VP human and Certified Coach
Business coach, entrepreneur and organizational "metteur en scène", Marie-Hélène Demers is ignited by her vision of creating a human, supportive and prosperous world. Vice-President, Human, at Edgenda, she leads the coaching school and the center of expertise #coaching and leadership, with the mission of inspiring the development of people and teams in organization – for better cooperation in the service of our sustainability.
Ysabel Viau
Ysabel Viau
Trainer, MBA, CQ certified
An artist with an MBA - Ysabel combines creativity and solid business knowledge to innovative training, compelling communications and effective development strategies and compelling communications. She garners over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications as an entrepreneur, GM, CMO, and writer. She has provided strategic development and communications services to local and international businesses in various industries, including technology, design, lifestyle/fashion, publishing and culture.
Alain Beaudoin
Alain Beaudoin
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
Known for the creative fuel that he brings to projects thought to be impossible to carry out, Alain is convinced that people are at the heart of change and focuses his approach on each individual’s positive development.
Marie-Pier St-Hilaire
Marie-Pier St-Hilaire
A successful entrepreneur, Marie-Pier loves challenging the status quo to attain excellence and achieve business objectives.
Be aware of trends, innovations and best practices, every month.
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