Excel Advanced

Become an expert in using graphics and macros with this workshop. Be proficient in conditional formatting and data protection.
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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Please note that the most represented version in the group will be installed in computer workstations. However, the training addresses the differences between versions.

Duration : 2 days

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Windows - User or equivalent
Microsoft Excel - Intermediate


  • Use graph to represent your results
  • Use different tools to bring out the data
  • Simplify daily actions using macro commands

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Facilitated and individual exercises


Chapter 1 - Create a chart

  • Create a chart
  • Manipulate a chart
  • Add a title to a chart
  • Print a chart
Chapter 2 - Choose the type of chart type as per the data to display
  • Choose the type of chart
  • Modify the type of chart
  • Set the chart location
Chapter 3 – Modify the data represented in the chart
  • Edit a series of data
  • Add a series of data
  • Delete a series of data
  • Show hidden data and empty cells in a chart
Chapter 4 – Format a chart
  • Identify the items of a chart
  • Control the display of a chart item
  • Modify the format of a chart item
  • Quickly apply formatting on a chart
Chapter 5 - Create chart models
  • Save a chart as a template
  • Use a chart template
  • Delete a chart template
Chapter 6 - Insert graphic objects in a spreadsheet
  • Insert shapes
  • Insert a ClipArt image
  • Insert an Org Chart
Chapter 7 - Insert text objects in a spreadsheet
  • Insert a text box
  • Insert a WordArt
  • Insert a special symbol
Chapter 8 - Format quickly
  • Use cell styles
  • Apply conditional formatting
Chapter 9 - Customize tool bars
  • Create tool bars
  • Distribute toolbars to users
Chapter 10 - Set Excel configuration options
  • Modify the most common options
  • Set options related to formulas
  • Specify recording options
  • Modify advanced options
Chapter 11 - Create macros using the Recorder
  • Set macro security
  • Save a macro with AutoSave
  • Access the Visual Basic code of a macro
  • Delete a macro
  • Save a macro in Visual Basic
  • Assign a macro to an image, shape, object, or control
Chapter 12 - Create custom digital formats
  • Customize digital formats
  • Create a digital format
  • Find and replace formats
Chapter 13 - Create a workbook template
  • Explore the types of models
  • Create a custom template
  • Create a workbook based on an existing workbook
Chapter 14 - Control how Excel starts
  • Explore the role of the startup folder
  • Identify start-up folders
  • Open a specific workbook when starting Excel
  • Create the default workbook template
Chapter 15 - Set data entry rules in a workbook
  • Protect the data from a sheet
  • Set validation criteria
Chapter 16 – Manipule custom views
  • Explain how custom views are useful
  • Create a custom view
  • Print a custom view

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