Developing political savvy

Professional knowledge and skills are not always sufficient in order to obtain results. Knowing how to position yourself and your project ideas, create alliances and exert a positive influence to generate results — this is being politically savvy and it can be taught!

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Course outline


Managers, supervisors and team leaders.




  • Consolidate your ability to make a political assessment of your organization and navigate it
  • Make a preliminary map of your political network
  • Evaluate the personal levers of influence
  • Develop your capacity to exert influence in relation to your ideas and projects
Definition of political savvy
Knowledge of your environment
  • Issues/directions/priorities
  • Formal and informal rules
  • Knowledge of the actors
The political network
  • Definition and mapping
  • Development and maintenance practices for your network
Managing rumours and your image
  • The importance of managing your image
  • The three types of rumours
  • Practices to manage your image and leave an impact
Political styles
  • Two styles: promotion of ideas and content, and the emphasis on people and their concerns
  • Dangers of extreme positions
  • Develop your capacity to adapt
Levers and influence peddling
  • Personal power, credibility and visibility
  • Approaches to influencing
  • Methodology: analyze actors and select influence method

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Alain Massie
Alain Massie
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
Known for his authenticity, imagination, positivity and generosity, Alain does everything in his power to propel leaders and their teams to the top.
Natacha Viens
Natacha Viens
Coach, Consultant and Leadership Trainer
Natacha is a leadership development trainer and coach known for her gift of motivating, inspiring and mobilizing individuals to take action.
Marie-Claude Brodeur
Marie-Claude Brodeur
Trainer and Human Resources Consultant
Marie-Claude’s primary motivation is to have a positive impact on change to overcome business challenges and achieve business objectives.
Alain Beaudoin
Alain Beaudoin
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
Known for the creative fuel that he brings to projects thought to be impossible to carry out, Alain is convinced that people are at the heart of change and focuses his approach on each individual’s positive development.