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Master your Time, your Activities and your Priorities with Microsoft Outlook (EN)

Master your Time, your Activities and your Priorities with Microsoft Outlook

Schedule: 8:30 to 12:00 AM

These scheduled sessions are offered in English. See our French sessions

This  training is offered to any employee or manager looking to improve their efficiency, productivity and discipline in managing their activities and communications. Go beyond application settings and teach the participants methodologies and techniques based on the principles of Time Management in order to enable then to be more efficient and productive in managing all of his work related activities.  




Public training (3.5 hours): Demonstration and theoretical presentation

Private training (7 hours): Demonstration, theoretical presentation and practical workshops.

Version taught

2007 | 2010 | 2013 | 2016


  • Transform the Outlook Calendar pane into an efficient dashboard
  • Efficiently  work  with  the  Calendar  pane  to  insure proper management  of  appointments  and  improve  daily and  weekly planning 
  • Customize the Tasks pane to better manage file tracking of client files, projects, administrative and other tasks 
  • Centralize tasks to better prioritize and eliminate long to-do lists, piles of documents and the "post-its" that clutter the desktop 
  • Handle e-mails giving rise to tasks and follow-ups 
  • Create lists for communication, delegations and follow-ups with key colleagues. 


  • Introduction  to  time  management  and its 6 must have skills 
  • Outlook optimisations and the creation of a  time  management dashboard  (manage views and modify important options as the starting point) 
  • Distinguish  the  4  elements  of  time management in Microsoft Outlook 
  • Creation and management of notes  
  • The effects of working in silos or being scattered 
  • A winning equation to becoming well organised 
  • Managing dates in a task 
  • Inserting links, attachments and elements into a task 
  • Managing priorities and categories: What’s urgent, important and a priority 
  • Managing follow-ups on files, clients and projects 
  • The impacts of work interruptions 
  • Creating communication and follow-up lists 
  • Creation and management of appointments and events  
  • Managing invitations and meetings 
  • How to plan your time with Microsoft Outlook 
  • Planning: an essential activity in time management. Why plan
  • Lost time due to e-mail interruptions and how to manage alerts
Certifications CRHA, Quebec Bar