Coaching level 1 : The fundamentals in organization

Introduction to team coaching and individual coaching

Successful leadership in the workplace coupled with basic coaching core skills implies learning a new set of core competencies pertaining to know-how, knowing-how to "be", knowing how to anticipate and knowing how to enable success. We have created this program for professionals seeking to integrate an effective methodology and a coaching posture that will enable them to build strong collaborative relationships and work with change throughout the various organizational levels.

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  • Duration: 12 days
  • Regular price: $6,960
  • Preferential price: $6,960

Course outline

LanguagesThese scheduled public sessions are offered in French


Leaders in organization and professionals in human resources and organizational development, coaches, consultants, internal or external trainers

Learning objectives

  • Establish the foundations of creative relationships.
  • Connect differently to co-create a coaching posture within your organization.
  • Learn to develop the core competencies of successful leadership - learning to learn to succeed.

The program takes place over 12 days (96 hours): 4 modules x 3 days

1st module: Revisit and appropriate the key principles of verbal and non-verbal communication - “Re-cognize" oneself by building on diversities to bond with others - Explore the foundations of system strategic thinking through group dynamics.

2nd module: Learn how to create a collective dynamic. Develop your style of “leadership”. Train on how to understand collective processes, to experiment systems thinking and strategic feedback.

3rd module: Work with the keys factors that create energy in coaching. Practice of individual coaching, set up a structured framework and contract for a coaching session and experiment with the ICF 11 coach core competencies.

4th module : Dare to surprise and be surprised during individual or collective coaching processes. Assess your progress and anticipate your next steps.

Surround yourself with the best

Monique Daigle
Trainer and Certified Coach
Known for her ability to reposition action strategies while taking an organization’s evolution, dynamics and culture into account.
Marie-Hélène Demers
Marie-Hélène Demers
VP human and Certified Coach
Catherine Bédard
Catherine Bédard
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
A passionate businesswoman above all, Catherine is a leadership trainer, coach and consultant who sees companies with a manager’s critical eye.
Alain Beaudoin
Alain Beaudoin
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
Known for the creative fuel that he brings to projects thought to be impossible to carry out, Alain is convinced that people are at the heart of change and focuses his approach on each individual’s positive development.