Becoming a leader-coach: Fundamentals of individual coaching

Transform your leadership skills by developing the professional coach's skills - the real asset of a strategic leader facing the unknown and uncertainty. This learning path lays the leader-coach foundation for a leader in an organization.
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  • Duration: 21 days
  • Regular price: On request

Course outline

Course outline
Duration: 21 half days

ICF Accreditation:
This course is part of International Mozaik's Certification ACSTH-accredited course (must be combined with the course Becoming a Leader-Coach: Fundamentals of Group Coaching)

Developing coaching skills can become an essential advantage for managers and leaders who want to embody agile and transformative leadership daily in these uncertain times. Adopting a leader-coach posture allows you to position your leadership differently, think differently about your authority, role, and commitment to succeed in change with your collaborators. Bringing out your collaborators' full potential and co-creating their relationship in a powerful alliance to find new answers to today's challenges are some of the new ways of being and doing within reach of today's leaders.

Through this learning path, you acquire the means to better support your collaborators and succeed with them through the current crisis and others to come.

  • 1 half-day launch
  • 3 training modules (broken down into 18 half-days of training)
  • 2 scheduled practical sessions in peer sub-groups (2 half days)
  • 1 hour of one-on-one mentoring coaching

Choice of 3 schedules:

  • day (Thursday and Friday morning, 9 AM to 12:30 PM)
  • weekend (Friday and Saturday morning, 9 AM to 12:30 PM)
  • evening (Tuesday and Wednesday evening, 6 PM to 9:30 PM)


Leaders in organizations, human resources and organizational development professionals, coaches, consultants, internal or external trainers.


  • Kick-off meeting for meet and greet and to familiarize with the virtual tool.
  • Preparatory work including a self-assessment of your leadership skills in relation to the core competencies of an ICF coach.
  • Follow-up of the training program: three 3-day training modules divided into 18 half-days.
  • 1 hour of individual coaching with a supervising coach to highlight the learnings and next steps towards the ICF accreditation process.
  • Wrap-up meeting aimed at consolidating what has been learned and celebrating your new leader-coach identity.
  • Raise your impact capacity as a leader. Develop a leader-coach's state of mind and posture.
  • Learn to establish, with your collaborators, a space-time of trust – a creator of enhanced responses to resolve new challenges, a source of learning and growth for everyone.
  • Learn to promote the prototype experience in a context of uncertainty to help evolve your actions as a leader.


1st module: basics

  • Discovering the profession of coach
  • Laying the foundations to begin anew as a leader who will navigate collaboratively through the unknown and uncertainty. Learning how to co-create relationships with your collaborators.
  • "Recognising yourself” by reaping the benefits of diversity to connect with others, including your collaborators.
  • Exploring individual and group dynamics and the foundations of the strategic and global approach to change by relying on the laws of living systems.

2nd module: Practicing leader-coaching

  • Using the motor energy keys to support your collaborators wholesomely.
  • Practicing coaching a collaborator by establishing the coaching session contract elements and experimenting with the coach’s 8 strategic skills as a leader to help collaborators grow and transform their actions.
  • Initiating an ethical relationship with your collaborators.

3rd module: An emerging coach identity

  • Daring to surprise and amaze yourself when accompanying a collaborator. Taking stock of one's evolution as a leader-coach and projecting oneself into the future.
  • Our pedagogy is based on the International Mozaik Coaching School's BECOMING pedagogy and on their experiential approach to change, referring to the "Leadership of the Living" and its laws. This pedagogy revisits the Palo Alto School keys (systemic, communication and constructivism) and integrates neuroscience and psychology advances.
  • Numerous projective and other tools make up the toolbox for leaders.
Teaching Method

The BECOMING pedagogy DNA relies on the following pillars:

  1. Learning about yourself and reflecting on your collaborators: entering into self-awareness and awareness of the other.
  2. Learning together in a "learning group" dynamic and developing collective intelligence with your learning peers: living the relationship as a learning tool to act differently and reflecting with your collaborators.
  3. Learning in action: experimenting with the coaching posture and prototyping new ways to act as a leader with your collaborators.
  4. Learning to bounce back as a knowledgeable and committed leader-coach.

Surround yourself with the best

Catherine Bédard
Catherine Bédard
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
A passionate businesswoman above all, Catherine is a leadership trainer, coach and consultant who sees companies with a manager’s critical eye.
Marie-Hélène Demers
Marie-Hélène Demers
VP human and Certified Coach
Business coach, entrepreneur and organizational "metteur en scène", Marie-Hélène Demers is ignited by her vision of creating a human, supportive and prosperous world. Vice-President, Human, at Edgenda, she leads the coaching school and the center of expertise #coaching and leadership, with the mission of inspiring the development of people and teams in organization – for better cooperation in the service of our sustainability.
Monique Daigle
Monique Daigle
Trainer and Certified Coach
Known for her ability to reposition action strategies while taking an organization’s evolution, dynamics and culture into account.
Sylvie-Anne Leroux
Sylvie-Anne Leroux
Trainer and Certified Coach
Sylvie-Anne is an international Executive and Leadership Coach as well as a Coach Supervisor with over 25 years’ international experience as an executive in senior HR and development roles across various industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, telecom, accounting, consulting, finance, airlines and healthcare. She holds a Master’s degree in Management & Organizational Development, and is a Certified Human Resources Professional.
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