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  • Durée: 4 jours
  • Prix régulier: CA$3,800.00
  • Prix préférentiel: CA$3,220.00

BPTA 401 – Aligning strategies-operating model and capabilities for better outcomes

Duration : 4 days

Organizations today are concerned with two main issues: ‘How can I run and manage my business operations for optimum performance today’? and ‘What investment in change should I make to be able to operate better going forward’? Business owners really do not care about much else.
Operational managers and staff must have the knowledge of what is happening and how to adjust in real time. Business Architects must be able to figure out the components of an operating entity in an organized and structured way so that when operations are due for a change, they can describe what’s in place and what’s needed in a way that it can be built with integrity.
There is no doubt that a solid business architecture connecting the component parts is critical. If we cannot describe it from a business point of view we certainly cannot expect to build something that satisfies the need. We have to be able to describe expectations of stakeholders, the business processes and capabilities required as a start so that a practical, shareable and implementable aligned Business Architecture and Business Change Portfolio can be developed. Furthermore, the architecture will ensure we choose the right transformation initiatives, innovate new Business Designs and invest in change in a way that technical professionals can build out the solution. Using architecture models will help us to realize our business intent and define what’s needed to become adaptable as well as to prescribe the required organizational and human change management plans.
This highly participative workshop will delve into all aspects of Business Architecture from top to bottom.

Delivery language

These scheduled sessions are offered in French. Private sessions are available to you in English, contact us for more info.


  • Business Strategist
  • Strategic Planning Lead
  • Senior Business Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Transformation Bureau Lead
  • Strategic Transformation Program Lead
  • Vice-president or executive sponsor of a future transformation initiative
  • Performance vice-president or lead
  • Senior internal consultant leading transformation

Special features of this class

  • This is a pragmatic class – not a theory based one
  • Learn how value streams, business processes, business capabilities and strategy are connected
  • Get a set of capabilities that are truly traceable to strategic intent and aligned with business processes
  • Be able to sell the concepts upward and reduce internal resistance to change
  • Learn a method that scales for both small and large organizations
  • Work with an experienced pragmatist in this field

Class Outline

  • Why Business Architecture?
  • Business Architecture and Related Disciplines
  • Business Architecture Methodology
  • Value Chain Identification and Architecture Scoping
  • External Environment Assessment and External Stakeholder Analysis
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Business Semantics: The Basis for Information Models
  • Business Process Architecture (an end-to-end view)Business Capabilities
  • Alignment to Decisions, Knowledge, Policies and Rules
  • Alignment of Business Architecture with IT Architecture and Enablement
  • Alignment with Human Capabilities and Enablement
  • Business Portfolio Management
  • Leveraging the Architecture into a Business Change Portfolio
  • Sustaining the Architecture through Governance

Savoir s’entourer des meilleurs

Catherine Edgar
Gestionnaire de projets et formatrice en gestion de projet
Catherine se démarque par son dynamisme, mais aussi par son approche concrète et pragmatique.
Nathalie Gosselin
Nathalie Gosselin
VP Stratégie et opérations
Nathalie a accompagné diverses entreprises du Québec et de la France dans le cadre de démarrages et de repositionnements, dans des contextes fortement touchés par le développement technologique et la révolution numérique.
Nathalie Carey
Formatrice et conseillère d'affaires - performance et transformation
Curieuse et toujours en recherche de solutions, Nathalie aime innover avec ses clients afin de les propulser vers le futur. 
Louis-Charles Gauthier
Formateur et conseiller en analyse d’affaires
Communicateur très efficace, Louis-Charles saura vous aider à établir les meilleures pratiques de gestion et d’analyse au sein de votre entreprise.