Adobe Acrobat - Creation and management of forms and security of PDF documents

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  • Duration: 1 day
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Course outline

Duration : 1 day

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Interactive forms streamline the process of filling out forms and collecting information. Learn all the technical aspects of turning a scanned, blank document or template composed in Microsoft Word into a dynamic PDF form. Stay in control of various aspects of your interaction with form fields, distribute your forms to recipients, and track the status of responses. When handling electronic documents, it is important that their protection is an integral part of your processes. Learn how to prevent copying, printing, and editing of information in PDF documents with a password, redact their confidential content, and even remove hidden data.


Windows - User or equivalent – Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Understand the concept of form.
  • Learn how to create a dynamic form from a template designed in Microsoft Word.
  • Add and manage form fields.
  • Distribute forms to recipients and monitor the status of responses.
  • Encrypt PDF documents.
  • Create and manage protection strategies.

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos – Guided and individual exercises



- Understand the concept of form.
- Form creation sources.
- Develop a form template:
  • Create the structured tabular format of the form using Microsoft Word.
  • Format and save the template.
- Convert the template to a PDF document.
- Define form preferences.
- Use the Prepare form tool.
- Create a form from an existing document (template).
- Create a form from a scanned document.
- Create a form from a blank document.
- Explore form tools.
- Edit existing text or images.
- Add fields using the form field tools:
  • Text.
  • Text field.
  • Check box.
  • Radio button.
  • List box.
  • Drop-down list.
  • Action button.
  • Image control.
  • Date field.
  • Digital Signature field.
  • Bar code.
- Form field properties.
- Define the common properties of the General and Appearance tabs.
- Define specific properties for each form field.
- Reproduce, delete the form fields.
- Align, position, and distribute the form fields.
- Order the form fields:
  • Check the tab order of the fields.
  • Change the tab order of the fields.
  • Define the Print and Reset form buttons.
  • Use basic calculations in a PDF form.
  • Restrict form modifications.
  • Extend PDF form rights to Adobe Acrobat Reader users (save form data, add text).
  • Distribute the form.
  • Use the tracking device.
  • Collect and manage data.

- Introduction to PDF document security.
- Strike out text and images.
- Remove hidden data and metadata from a PDF document.
- Consult the protections of a PDF document.
- Encrypt a PDF document by password:
  • From Adobe Acrobat.
  • From a Microsoft Office application.
  • From the Adobe PDF printer.
- Define password protection options.
  • Password for opening the document.
  • Password for access to rights.
- Encrypt a certificate PDF document.
- Create a password protection policy.
  • Apply a protection strategy.
  • Manage protection strategies.
- Create a secure electronic envelope.
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