Adobe Acrobat - Create and manage custom actions and tools

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  • Duration: 0.5 days
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Course outline

Duration : 0,5 days

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Save time and streamline your work using actions. Like a macro command, an action represents a series of commands defined with parameters, in each order of execution and applied in a single operation. These actions correspond to common tasks that you perform regularly on one or more documents by limiting the number of keyboard operations. Learn how to perform actions in your PDF documents, and how to create and customize your own actions. Find out how to export and import actions and commands so you can share them with others.

Want quick access to the most frequently used tools and commands when working with your PDF documents? Learn how to create your own custom set of Acrobat features, modify it, rename it, rearrange it, and share it with your workgroup.


Windows user or equivalent – Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Understand the concept of action.
  • Create and manage actions in PDF documents.
  • Save time and limit the number of keyboard operations by using actions.
  • Create and manage custom tools.

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos – Guided and individual exercises



- About actions in Adobe Acrobat
- Use predefined actions.
  • Manage predefined actions:
  • Reorganize actions.
  • Copy.
  • Import and export an action.
  • Find and download other actions online.
- Create and manage a personalized action:
  • Create and execute an action.
  • Rename an action.
  • Modify an action.
  • Copy or delete an action.
  • Import and export an action.
  • Automate password entry for actions.

- Create custom tools to display in the quick toolbar.
- Create a custom toolset:
  • Choose and add the tools in the custom set.
  • Add a section.
  • Add an instruction.
  • Add a separation.
  • Modify the name of the section or the instruction.
  • Rearrange the tools in the custom set.
  • Remove tools in the custom set.
  • Save the custom tool set.
  • Use the custom tool set.
  • Export the custom tool set.
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