François Royer

Expert Trainer

As a partner of the CMI Group, François Royer has played several roles in different IT projects in the past 17 years, such as project manager, business analyst, functional analyst and Agile team manager. He now helps organizations to innovate by guiding them in finding solutions to meet their technologic goals.

With his constant focus on efficiency and his unwavering belief in teamwork, François Royer is passionate for Agile methods, participatory management techniques, Design Thinking and other innovative processes that flow from these methods.

François Royer excels in animating workshops, whether it is to realize a " Design Sprint " or to facilitate a tailor-made workshop. Regardless of the nature of the mandates that are entrusted to him, François integrates structured collaborative activities to his practice.

He holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, the PMP certificate and is certified as a " Scrum Master ".

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