Yves Pilon


Yves Pilon is passionate about technological tools. Over the years, he has worked in the field of communication, technology and training. Over his 30-years career as a trainer, he has been able to transfer his knowledge to more than 10,000 people across Canada.

Mr. Pilon evolves in the field of training with a diversified clientele from private and public sectors and is specialized in traditional training, coaching and technical support. His knowledge of web and office softwares has made him an expert on all Microsoft Office tools. Yves' excellent pedagogy has earned him praise from our clients on several occasions. He stands out for his spirit of synthesis and active sense of listening to the needs of the participants.

He is constantly monitoring best practices in his field and is always on the look out for the latest technological innovations. The expertise he has accumulated over the years gives him the ability to ensure a productive transfer of knowledge to our clients.