Alain Beaudoin

Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant

Alain Beaudoin has managed hundreds of large-scale projects, including numerous training and development projects focusing on management and customer service. Results-oriented, he excels at needs analysis, visualization of learning through action, and developing innovative and effective training strategies and programs. With more than 40 years of experience as a manager, he has held positions in operations management, customer service management, HRM and consulting team management. Additionally, he has more than 30 years in training, organizational development and guiding management and consulting teams.

In addition to his university studies, Alain is a self-learner who learns by doing and continually calls things into question. As a man of action, he excels at accompanying management and consulting teams in the creation of a new leadership or service culture and ensuring its execution. He furthermore doesn’t like to view himself as a trainer, but rather as a team player focused on real issues.

Alain has a strategic vision and intervention tactic that he aligns with his excellent ability to analyze a situation, establish a strategic diagnosis and design a strategy for change, all while combining simplicity and efficiency with a constant focus on results.

Formerly president and shareholder of IC FORMATION, now integrated with AFI Expertise, this shift in power remains his most meaningful professional experience in recent years, which he views as an opportunity to give back to the next generation.

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