Sylvain Barbot

Trainer and technological architect

Sylvain Barbot is an accomplished software architect and developer with more than ten years of hands-on experience. He has worked in software development in the railway and banking industries, in the medical field, and the insurance and retail sectors. He has actively participated in every aspect of a range of projects including needs analysis, architecture, installation, testing, and implementation.

Mr. Barbot has worked with a range of technologies including C#, .NET Framework, Javascript, AnularJS, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, SQL, and document databases. He has regularly assumed the role of automatization and DevOps expert on projects to automate and administer complex cloud-based environments designed to improve delivery cycles. Given the diversity of his experience in the field, he is a trainer and consultant who can always provide concrete examples.

His professional experience has often led him to step in as trainer, for example, in India, where he trained railway-sector employees at a solutions centre in the use of an Alstom system.

He has worked on embedded projects, websites, and, most recently, more cutting-edge projects in artificial intelligence, for example, the personal assistant (ChatBot) project designed to be used in-house at National Bank of Canada. As an architect and developer, he has specialized in Microsoft Azure, a cloud-computing platform, which has in turn led him to address software architecture issues as well as those raised by solutions infrastructure technology.

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