Private or customized training

In a labour market with ever more present competition, it has become essential that your teams' skills align with your needs and your business vision.

Whether you need to update your employees on a specific subject or develop your teams to meet new needs, we can help.


Our consultants will assist you throughout your process: needs analysis, training plan, dissemination and evaluation.

Private training

All our private training is available in French and English, according to your preference. Just choose a training session and complete the online request for quote or contact one of our consultants directly. Private training may be held in one of our training centres, in our offices, or wherever in the world you are.

Your course catalogue

Customized training

In addition to your access to our entire course catalogue, you can personalize your training by either modifying the course offering or by adapting the content to your field and your needs. To further your objectives, our consultants will be happy to personalize their training content.

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Learning solution

In collaboration with the experts at Edgenda, we offer a complete service that includes program design and development tailored to help you accelerate the learning of the members of your organization. Regardless of how course content is delivered to meet your needs (e.g., in-class, e-learning, video capsules, virtual reality), you can benefit from the expertise of our educational technologists to create training experiences that will have a real impact on your organization.

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