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May 10, 2017

Marie-Pier St-Hilaire, President of AFI Expertise, announced today the launch of a new company, Edgenda

Edgenda’s vision is based on the belief that "human AND technology” will always be stronger than “human OR technology”. Edgenda also believes that we must be open to seeing things differently in order to survive in a digital world where innovations are multiplying at a fast pace. “I am very proud to be able to help our customers in their transformation by supporting them with the evolution of their technologies, culture and skill development,” says Ms. St-Hilaire. “We have brought together a responsive and multidisciplinary team with a strategic, operational, human and technological expertise.”

A merger of the words “edge” and “agenda” is the idea behind the company’s name: Edgenda. This name reflects the importance for each organization to define its “edge” and objectives to ensure its growth and sustainability.

“I joined Edgenda because I believe in the relevance of such an offer in the market,” says Jacques Caron, Chief Operating Officer and partner. “Too often, I have seen organizations take the digital shift, focusing on technologies without taking the human factor into account. One does not go without the other.”

Edgenda’s offering fits into three major centres of expertise: strategy and operations, human and technology. It addresses current issues such as modern workspace and employee empowerment in the digital age, knowledge management, infrastructure and apps modernization of and leadership development.

With its professional service offer, Edgenda becomes the umbrella brand and AFI Expertise, a division specializing in training. Edgenda is based in Quebec City with an office in Montreal.


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